A Closer look at Dental Health.

A year ago I gave myself permission to look at and address an ongoing issue with my teeth and dental health generally. I had reached a stage in my own health journey where, although i had made great improvements and eradicated the majority of symptoms of a chronic disease (Hypothyroidism), my health had plateaued. Nothing I was doing was shifting the last remaining issues I had, and I was experiencing mild palpitations which I was pretty sure were due to adrenal fatigue but they weren’t responding to any treatments. My sister had recently undergone a course of treatment to remove her Amalgam fillings due to her system being toxic from heavy metals and had experienced almost immediate relief of many of her symptoms, so I researched this area and found the wonderful Ishsko Wellness Centre in County Mayo, here in Ireland. 

From the very first assessment appointment I knew I was in very safe and very holistic hands with Dr Evelien and her team. They understand the importance of true dental health – not only for it’s own sake but because of it’s vital role in our health generally. I embarked on a programme designed and tailored to my specific needs to strengthen up my system in preparation for the inevitable toxicity that is released when Amalgam fillings are extracted. Some months later after careful assessment of my needs – including cranio-sacral treatment for a mis-aligned jaw, daily exercises including EFT, and supplements I was ready to complete the 3 days of dental work I needed to extract and replace fillings, extract 2 teeth and re-shape some badly worn and damaged teeth. Considering the amount of work – this was the most gentle and comforting of experiences I have ever had in the hands of a Dentist. I recovered well with the help of Michelle, the Clinic’s expert Nutritionist/Naturapath and since that I have been supporting my system to de-tox and eliminate the years of toxicity that had been holding me back. I’m not finished yet and have one more old crown to remove as Dr Eveliens cutting edge techniques have shown it to be sitting on top of a underlying infection that has been there for years. But already, many long standing issues that I thought I would have to ‘put up with’ have gone, including the palpitations which were due to the removal of one particularly bad filling which was leaking very high levels of Mercury gas and leading directly into my heart! (My palpitations stopped within 24 hours of the tooth being removed). Most people are not aware of the importance of their teeth as being connected with specific organs or parts of the body, and how they can either be reflecting damage in an organ or creating it. If you are interested have a look at the chart above which shows some of the links. My digestion, long term sinus congestion, eyesight and general energy has improved as well as a number of emotional issues.

The Ishsko Clinic prescribes a mixture of exercises, supplements, dietary/nutritional changes, emotional support, EMF protection measures, Lymph drainage treatment, Cranio-sacral treatment, a de-tox suite and Vibrational Essences (made along the same lines as Homeopathic remedies) – all of which helped me on my road to recovery. By the way, I am not being paid by the Ishsko Clinic and I have no affiliation with them, but I do highly recommend them!! For a better understanding of the depth of treatment at The Ishsko Centre read Dr Eveliens blog here


As a Health Practitioner I have long been aware of the long and short term effects of regular dental work, braces, injuries, teeth grinding etc on the whole Skeletal system, so it wasn’t a surprise to me that my jaw was out of alignment and that part of my recovery plan was to ensure that this was corrected and therefore I would be less likely to wear down certain teeth or continue to put undue pressure on my neck. I have found with many of my own Clients that the chronic effects of dental braces are often something that has to be addressed before progress can be made in other areas of a persons health. We cannot expect, particularly in children, that a device designed to force and push a jaw into a position that is not natural to it will not effect the whole skeleton and head – many people develop terrible headaches when wearing braces, particularly when they are tightened. The digestion is often affected or chronic back pain ensues. All this largely for cosmetic reasons! In cases of misalignment I refer my Clients to an excellent local Cranio-sacral Practitioner as well as treating them Homeopathically and the process of recovery is speeded up significantly.

There are a number of excellent Homeopathic remedies that I call upon to help my Clients cope with regular dental work or help with tooth pain, infections, extractions etc. Also long term Homeopathic treatment can help play a part in halting or reversing tooth decay or the effects of being out of alignment. Remedies can also help mitigate the chronic effects of mercury or heavy metal toxicity but in some cases, although improvements can always be achieved, it is not until the ‘maintaining cause’ – the fillings – are removed that real progress is made.

There are many dentists now that will offer to remove your Amalgam fillings – beware of these dentists if they a) do not offer any advice of how to prepare for the removal or make any assessment of whether you are capable of processing the release of heavy metals into your body: and b) if they still have the use of amalgum as part of their ‘treatments’ on offer. Once it is trully understood  how damaging this material is (and there is plenty of evidence out there), I do not understand how anyone could offer to remove it  from some and yet still be happy to put it in to others?! If your dentist claims that mercury is totally safe, please ask them why is it then that in 2011 Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Russia and Japan either banned it or restricted it, and in 2016 The EU banned the use of mercury fillings in children, and pregnant or nursing women?https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/12/27/european-union-bans-amalgam-fillings.aspx

Interestingly these same dentists in ignoring the mounting evidence are in fact endangering their own health as a recent study showed – this study measured the correlation between the numbers of mercury fillings given by dentists and the incidence of respiratory disorders, irregular pulse rates, hand tremors, spasms, moodiness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, memory problems and chronic fatigue. The study concluded that there was a significant association and a high incidence of neuropsychological and muscular disorders. Another study of 20,000 people found that there is a direct link between the mercury levels in saliva and the number of amalgam fillings present  and that when these fillings were stimulated (by chewing) the levels increased by over double. This same study concluded that the weekly uptake of mercury per week exceeded the safe guidelines outlined by the World Health Organisation! By the way this does not include the mercury present in many childhood and Flu vaccines – but thats a whole different debate!

My whole experience has given me so much clarity about a lot of issues personally including the confirmation that my Thyroid was weakened by all the Amalgum/mercury fillings given to me as a child, but then compounded by the death of my Father, shortly after which I started exhibiting symptoms of Hypothyroidism. Much of the hard work that I have done over the past year could have been avoided had I or my parents have been in possession of the full facts about the dangers of putting these highly toxic fillings into my mouth as well as agreeing to other highly questionable procedures such as root canal fillings. I have told my children – take heed of my experience! Prevention is always better than cure – be informed and careful about all dental work or you too will have to spend a lot of time, money and effort later on in life to correct and recover your health. I hope that this will stimulate you to research and inform yourself before agreeing to standard dental treatment and understand the effects it may have or be having on your ongoing health.

I was told after I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism some 20 years ago that this was a permenant state and that I would need to take medication for the rest of my life. Neither of these predictions have been true, thanks to Homeopathy and thanks to my continuing committment to self-care and wellness.


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