Anti-depressants “do nothing to ease…depression”!

Anti-depressants are in the news again – and all for the wrong reasons!

A recent study published in The Lancet last week concluded that Anti-depressants are not only significantly increasing the risk of suicide, particularly in our young, but they have’ far more risks than benefits’ and do .’.. nothing to ease symptoms of depression’. In addition, they are often inappropriately prescribed. Millions of people are prescribed anti-depressants and most of the time it is based on the completely false story that they are victims of a ‘chemical imbalance’ – primarily a Serotonin deficiency. It may interest you to learn that over the last 60 years there is not a single study to support any link between a ‘ chemical imbalance’ and depression! Also there has never been a study to prove the long term efficacy of Anti-depressant drugs, in fact quite the reverse is true with most studies telling the same story as the above mentioned report. Depression is not inherited either, it is present for a wide variety of reasons but people are not born with it. The symptoms of ‘depression’ are vastly different in every individual and therefore a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not only inappropriate but sometimes downright abusive. But The Pharmaceutical industry only has one approach to depression and that is why it is failing….miserably.

Diet can play a key role in ‘depression’ and some studies have suggested that inflammation can be a contributory or major factor. Conditions such as Candida can come with mood changes and ‘depression’ type symptoms and often cutting down or cutting out certain foods can significantly relieve symptoms. However very few GP’s or consultants offer any advice on diet or nutrition.

I have treated many people who have been diagnosed as having ‘depression’ – some of whom were already taking anti-depressants and some sleeping pills or both. With one exception, we were able to identify a definite cause of the dis-ease and with appropriate homeopathic remedies, the symptoms receded and in time they were able to wean off the drugs. My experience is that a huge proportion of people diagnosed as ‘depressed’, are women – and this is born out by other studies claiming as many as one in four women! Over 50 % of my ‘depressed’ female Clients were due to problematic childbirth issues, 25% could be linked back to unresolved issues from their own childhood and the other 25% were simply expressions of extreme grief- one of them from losing a young child in a car accident. Without exception these women felt no real relief from the drugs, they felt no one wanted to listen to them, and they felt ‘removed’ or emotionally ‘numb’ whilst taking the drugs. Several had been told by GP’s to ‘pull themselves together’ or ‘move on’! These women and millions of others are being failed by conventional medicine on a daily basis.

The Homeopathic consultation offers dedicated time to really investigate root causes of depression and often, Clients tell me, this is the first opportunity that they have had to talk in any depth and have a healthcare professional focus on them. This one to one detailed exploration can bring some relief by itself but there is no doubt that appropriate remedies and dietary changes can instigate major, long term recovery.

There have been several studies to investigate the efficacy of Homeopathy in treating, not only ‘depression’, but panic disorders, anxiety, phobias and insomnia. A recently published Brazilian study compared Patients treated with 20 different Homeopathic remedies and a second group of Patients using Prozac. Both groups showed similar improvement however the Homeopathic group did not experience the same level of side effects as those on Prozac; (Suicide, lethargy, insomnia and dizziness are just some of the long list of side effects of Prozac).

An older study at Duke University showed almost 60% of Patients with major ‘depression’, social phobia or panic disorder responded favourably to Homeopathic treatment. Another UK study found almost 64% of people with ‘depression’ reporting improvement using Homeopathy.

Unlike The Pharmaceutical Industry, Homeopathy has as many remedies as there are types of ‘depression’ and every prescription is tailor made for the individual. Quite frankly what have you got to lose by consulting a Homeopathic Practitioner – just your ‘depression’!