“My son, Igor, was diagnosed with Autism in 2014, and at that time he was in a very bad situation with a lot of Autism symptoms:-
-No eye contact
-Unable to play with other children
-Colliding with other people and objects, falling over and unable to hold anything for longer than 5 mins
-weak muscles
-digestive problems with pieces of food in his stools
-extreme anxiety
– auditory and visual hyper-sensitivity
-he couldn’t stay with anyone at home except me, not even his sister or Father
After the treatment I have noticed a huge improvement – Igor is now a happy, smiling boy!
– He cycles on a 2 wheeled bike
– He has friends from the neighbourhood and they play together
– No more hyper-sensitivity
– Good eye contact
– better muscle strength, he eats by himself and can draw and colour for much longer
– No more digestive problems
– his speech is better and he understands everything
– He sleeps in his own room all night
– He stays at home with his Father and goes out with his sister
I highly recommend working with Rebecca, thanks to her work our family were able to have a better holiday this year without worrying if Igor could cope with the changes. I’m from Poland, so we consult via Skype or e-mail and I feel very secure. Rebecca always answers immediately and even helps me to get remedies. I feel supported and Igor is cared for in the same way as if I was local.
Thank you, Rebecca for all your work.”

Katarzyna Wilczynska-Kielar, Poland