Homeopathic detox Therapy is an Internationally used approach to identifying potential toxins that may be contributing to a person’s current ill-health and stopping them from healing or making any progress with their health. It uses three key elements together – Homeopathy, Ortho-moleculars (Supplements) and Isotherapy, and must use all three elements to adhere to the principles of Homeopathic detox Therapy. I will prescribe these elements in whatever form is most appropriate to your child in order to support and instigate a gentle de-toxing process. Your child can then release healing energy to focus on improving their health in whatever way is needed, eg one of my clients, a 7 year old boy with previously diagnosed Autism, who had never slept a full night, was able to finally sleep through each night, which transformed the lives of the whole family as you can imagine!

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  • Thanks to Rebecca and Homeopathic detox Therapy, I noticed huge improvements – Igor is now a happy, smiling boy! I feel supported and my son is cared for in the same way as if I was local

    – Katarzyna Wilczynska-Kielar, Poland –

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