Eczema and chesty cough

“I would recommend Rebecca to anyone. She is a true healer. I came to Rebecca having tried everything to heal my 1 yr old daughter’s eczema and constant chesty cough. Her eczema was so bad that she was pretty much red raw all over her torso and her legs and arms a little less red looking. When I put her in the bath she had to be clothed otherwise she would have scratched herself until she bled. She was constantly snotty and just seemed to catch flu after flu after flu, and each time it would settle immediately in her chest. After the 1st consultation with Rebecca the eczema started to fade and by the time I brought her back for the 2nd consultation (1 month after the 1st), my daughter’s skin was merely a little bit on the dry side. I think we saw Rebecca 4 times and since then my little girl who is now nearly 3 years old has been really well, no sign of the eczema or the constant coughing, and if she catches a cold or the flu she seems well equipped to get over it easily. Rebecca also treated my 2 other children and myself with equally impressive results and is the source of my own inspiration to begin my own journey in the study of the art of homeopathy so that I too will have the ability to heal on this level. Thank you, with my whole heart, Rebecca”

Maya Wild, West Cork