“‘Buddy’ has had eczema since birth. I tried various elimination diets with limited success including my own diet while he was exclusively breastfed.
Over the years the eczema would come and go but it was the worst ever around Christmas 2016 – big weeping, red patches on his wrists that would go crusty and were unbearably itchy for him. The eczema also spread to other parts but his wrists were the most shocking looking. We bandaged them with layers of thick cream underneath to try and ease the itching and prevent him scratching himself raw overnight.
After a couple of sessions with Rebecca and a few remedies, we really started to see improvements.
It hasn’t been an overnight miracle and progress has been slow but nonetheless very definite.
I am really grateful to Rebecca because she really looks at every aspect of a persons health and their history to get to the bottom of the actual cause of the condition. In Buddys case, it took a fair bit of remembering on my part some of the details of my Son’s health history including during my pregnancy with him.
It has most definitely worked though and I would reccommend Rebecca to anyone struggling with their health.”

Demelza Franssen, Co. Kerry