Homeopathy – a catalyst for change.

Recently I bumped into someone who I haven’t seen for several years, and who set me thinking about the less obvious, often forgotten but none the less powerful, long term effects of Homeopathy.

This person was a Client of mine, almost a decade ago, and came with not only a number of debilitating physical symptoms, but was almost paralysed with extreme anxiety and low self confidence. Needless to say much of this stemmed from well established patterns of behaviour first adopted as a defence strategy during childhood. The physical symptoms actually cleared reasonably quickly and the more debilitating anxiety and fear took a couple of years but gradually subsided. My Client was happy and relieved as ‘normal’ life could once more be enjoyed and she was able to work again and socialise. She moved away so, as I said, we lost contact for several years.

When we bumped into each other I hardly recognised the confident, happy and adventurous woman in front of me. Over the years she has gone from strength to strength, changing her job and setting up a business and travelling all over the world publicising that business and adding to her own pursuit of self-care. When I commented on the change in her, she readily explained that her treatment with Homeopathy had done much more than clear her physical and emotional state, it had enabled her to know who she truly is and to feel happy and confident in that knowledge. She is adamant that it acted as a catalyst for change in every aspect of her life and that without it she would not be who she is today.

Whilst this apparent ‘transformation’ seemed more marked for me because I hadn’t seen her for some time, this kind of seemingly complete change in Clients of mine is really not unusual. There is no ‘scientific’ proof but I have case after case of similar stories. Another long term Client of mine originally came because she had recently had a baby and suffered severe depression afterwards. We worked through rebalancing her hormones, (due to various endocrine issues), and what turned out to be the root cause – her history of being abandoned by her mother and being bought up in a children’s home. She was happy to resolve these issues and again went on to, change her job and retrain as a Meditation and Yoga Teacher despite her sometimes crippling shyness and anxiety at performing in front of others. Today she runs a successful business doing what she loves and actually thrives on demonstrating her skills to a room full of people! When I spoke to her recently, she too was adamant that without her Homeopathic treatment she was doubtful that she would have been able to make all the changes to her life that mean she now feels she is doing what she is meant to be doing.

My own story is similar – I reached a crisis point in my life and was in danger of succumbing to a life of debilitating illness and extremely low energy. I was working relentlessly hard in a very demanding and high profile job, had just had my second child and was caring for a Mother with Dementia. I turned to Homeopathy in desperation (like so many others). My physical symptoms resolved in a few months despite the fact that I had been told by my GP that they would be with me for life! Soon after this I was able to firstly realise that I needed to leave my high profile job as it was making me ill, and secondly that I didn’t want to live in London any more! I was so struck by the changes that Homeopathy had enabled in me, that I decided to train as a Homeopathic Practitioner and the rest is history!

Homeopathic remedies are not only highly dilute but one of the principles is that only the minimum dose necessary in order to stimulate healing is given. If the Homeopathic prescription is appropriate the results will ripple outwards like a pebble in a pond, creating lasting wellness and healing. Any true healing takes the person back to their true selves and reminds them of what they need to be happy and healthy. So clearing physical symptoms is often just the first few ripples , the really transformative stuff follows on and can sometimes be still moving years later.

The effects of appropriate Homeopathic prescribing can not be overestimated and can mean the difference between existing and living!