I have a particular interest in helping as many people as possible – especially parents – to be able to use Homeopathy for themselves at home to help their families to get better faster and ill less often! By learning how to use Homeopathy to support your own natural healing abilities, you can:-
  • Become knowledgeable, confident & fearless Home Prescribers!
  • Spend less time and money on GP & Presciption charges
  • Become less reliant on over the counter medications like Paracetamol
  • Experience the pleasure & satisfaction of being able to relieve minor illnesses
  • Notice that minor illnesses get less and less frequent!
Keep scrolling to choose which way to learn with me will best suit you.

‘Homeopathy in Your Hands’ – Home Prescribing Course – (Live).

If you live locally to me in SW Ireland and would prefer to learn face to face, join one of my ‘Live’ courses either at my Clinic or if you can get together a group of 5 or more, host a learning group in your own home.
Courses can be tailored to suit your particular needs or levels of understanding eg If you are already using remedies yourself but want a more indepth understanding of certain remedies or illnesses or perhaps you struggle when it comes to knowing how often to give remedies or how to assess the results of giving them?
Please email me at rebecca@homeopathygiveswings.com if you want to know more.


  • Our Homeopathy kit gets used for everything from Bee stings to Hayfever and colds, I have recently used it for pre and post Labour and it has saved many trips to the Chemist or Doctors Surgery

    – Tara Donaghue, Firies –

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much from Rebecca….with the knowledge of Homeopathy and how it can be used in everyday life to treat various conditions, I no longer make as many visits to the Doctor as I did. This course has given me so much confidence and I would recommend it to anyone

    – Jacinta Tyndall, Killarney

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