IBS and Period problems.

I had my first appointment with Rebecca just over a year ago as my IBS had significantly worsened to the point that I had cut out almost all food groups from my diet and often could not leave the house due to constant IBS symptoms. After multiple examinations from doctors, trying different medication as well as paying to see a specialist dietician, my symptoms were not improving.

As I live in the UK, my appointments with Rebecca are over Skype. However, this has posed no issue because Rebecca’s warm and inviting personality means it always feels like we are face-to-face in person! During my first appointment, I was given the space to explore my symptoms and how it was impacting my life in depth. Rebeca’s knowledge and empathy towards me allowed me to speak honestly about my life and she was the first person to take a holistic approach towards my symptoms. Rebecca explored my background and helped me to understand the links between anti-biotics I had taken as a teenager for acne as well emotional experiences from my past and present and the symptoms I was experiencing.

Rebecca always took time and care to fully understand my symptoms at each appointment and to explain why she was prescribing the remedies she had chosen. My journey has been a slow one but my IBS has significantly improved and I can now eat all food groups again and no longer fear trying new foods or foods that would had previously led to a flare up. In addition, my periods have begun to settle into a more regular pattern and I haven’t taken antibiotics in months.

I would recommend homeopathy to everyone and words cannot express how truly grateful and thankful I am to Rebecca for giving me my life back. Thank you Rebecca.

Hannah Murphy, UK


“This testamonial will never be enough to thank Rebecca, for the amazing help she has provided for me and for other family members. One example being a family member who had severe anxiety. They were afraid of flying and had constant worry and overwhelming feelings about many aspects of their life. Now they fly all over the world, ALONE!! The anxiety is now in the past and this is all down to Rebecca’s astounding abilities.
I visited Rebecca, while having a very difficult time in my life and I will never be able to describe the relief I recieved after that first visit.
Rebecca is truly a gift at what she does and I urge anyone who may be reading this and trying to figure out how to help themselves, to go and visit Rebecca. I found myself in a placewhere I was unsure of where my life was going after a huge amount of change and disapointment. I have now seen Rebecca 3 times and I can say that I will never feel like that again.
Homeopathy is so effective and under-utilised by so many people. Rebecca treated me as a whole and took onboard everything I was experiencing and made sense of it, instead of treating just one symptom.

Thank you, Rebecca.


“My son, Igor, was diagnosed with Autism in 2014, and at that time he was in a very bad situation with a lot of Autism symptoms:-
-No eye contact
-Unable to play with other children
-Colliding with other people and objects, falling over and unable to hold anything for longer than 5 mins
-weak muscles
-digestive problems with pieces of food in his stools
-extreme anxiety
– auditory and visual hyper-sensitivity
-he couldn’t stay with anyone at home except me, not even his sister or Father
After the treatment I have noticed a huge improvement – Igor is now a happy, smiling boy!
– He cycles on a 2 wheeled bike
– He has friends from the neighbourhood and they play together
– No more hyper-sensitivity
– Good eye contact
– better muscle strength, he eats by himself and can draw and colour for much longer
– No more digestive problems
– his speech is better and he understands everything
– He sleeps in his own room all night
– He stays at home with his Father and goes out with his sister
I highly recommend working with Rebecca, thanks to her work our family were able to have a better holiday this year without worrying if Igor could cope with the changes. I’m from Poland, so we consult via Skype or e-mail and I feel very secure. Rebecca always answers immediately and even helps me to get remedies. I feel supported and Igor is cared for in the same way as if I was local.
Thank you, Rebecca for all your work.”

Katarzyna Wilczynska-Kielar, Poland

Avoiding anti-biotics

“Rebecca is such a compassionate practitioner, whose extensive knowledge has helped me and my family so much, treating both the physical and emotional and always spot on! I cannot believe that my children are almost 12 years old now and have never had an antibiotic!
Thank you so much.”

Pauline Russell-Kissane, Killarney


“‘Buddy’ has had eczema since birth. I tried various elimination diets with limited success including my own diet while he was exclusively breastfed.
Over the years the eczema would come and go but it was the worst ever around Christmas 2016 – big weeping, red patches on his wrists that would go crusty and were unbearably itchy for him. The eczema also spread to other parts but his wrists were the most shocking looking. We bandaged them with layers of thick cream underneath to try and ease the itching and prevent him scratching himself raw overnight.
After a couple of sessions with Rebecca and a few remedies, we really started to see improvements.
It hasn’t been an overnight miracle and progress has been slow but nonetheless very definite.
I am really grateful to Rebecca because she really looks at every aspect of a persons health and their history to get to the bottom of the actual cause of the condition. In Buddys case, it took a fair bit of remembering on my part some of the details of my Son’s health history including during my pregnancy with him.
It has most definitely worked though and I would reccommend Rebecca to anyone struggling with their health.”

Demelza Franssen, Co. Kerry

Eczema and chesty cough

“I would recommend Rebecca to anyone. She is a true healer. I came to Rebecca having tried everything to heal my 1 yr old daughter’s eczema and constant chesty cough. Her eczema was so bad that she was pretty much red raw all over her torso and her legs and arms a little less red looking. When I put her in the bath she had to be clothed otherwise she would have scratched herself until she bled. She was constantly snotty and just seemed to catch flu after flu after flu, and each time it would settle immediately in her chest. After the 1st consultation with Rebecca the eczema started to fade and by the time I brought her back for the 2nd consultation (1 month after the 1st), my daughter’s skin was merely a little bit on the dry side. I think we saw Rebecca 4 times and since then my little girl who is now nearly 3 years old has been really well, no sign of the eczema or the constant coughing, and if she catches a cold or the flu she seems well equipped to get over it easily. Rebecca also treated my 2 other children and myself with equally impressive results and is the source of my own inspiration to begin my own journey in the study of the art of homeopathy so that I too will have the ability to heal on this level. Thank you, with my whole heart, Rebecca”

Maya Wild, West Cork

General Health

“I have been attending Rebecca on and off for over 10 years now. I can honestly say that am fully confident in her advice and treatments. Rebecca is a genuine, sincere, committed and capable person. She is so easy to talk to and makes herself very accessible. I can genuinely say I am really lucky to have found Rebecca.”

Sheila Horrigan, County Cork

Mind:Body connection

“The connection between mind and body is one that is commonly overlooked, underestimated and misunderstood. However, the two are so inextricably linked that failing to see the importance of this can be detrimental to our health and well-being. Rebecca takes the time to unravel the ties that bind emotions and thoughts with what is going on in the physical body, which ultimately leads to a deeper and more permanent healing process. Rebecca offers a holistic approach to healing that in my experience has helped not only the complaint I originally came with but other issues besides. I have found Rebecca to be informative, patient and interested and she has helped me on a journey of healing using homeopathic remedies as well as suggestions regarding nutrition and supplements. She is helpful and non-judgemental and always there to answer questions or provide support between appointments when necessary. She has a deep understanding of the body’s ability to heal itself and is committed to helping others to realise this potential using gentle, holistic methods.”

Jennifer Lynch, Kerry

Pregnancy & Family Health

“I have been a client of Rebecca Atkinson for many years. I have found Homeopathy extremely beneficial in supporting the body to help heal both emotional and physical issues that crop up from time to time.
Rebecca is always professional in her approach and is very knowledgeable in her field. I am regularly on the phone to Rebecca regarding both of my children to treat anything that arises from teething issues to emotional needy behaviour. Homeopathy is very safe and effective. I had regular sessions with Rebecca throughout my pregnancies and both my children have had been treated with remedies from birth.
I have recommended Rebecca to family, friends and clients and I continue to do so.
Homeopathy works for me and my family! ”

Muirean MacMahon, Tralee, Kerry


“I first met Rebecca about 18 months ago when I was looking for some advice on alternative remedies to treat shingles during my last pregnancy. Subsequently I have brought my three year old and sixteen month old babies to Rebecca. Since we have been taking our boys they have not had to visit a Doctor or had antibiotics. We have found Rebecca to be very knowledgeable and professional. She takes the time to listen and understand each situation before recommending the best course of action. My husband and I would highly recommend Rebecca for all your homeopathic needs.”

Caitriona O’Leary, Kerry


“I first met Rebecca Atkinson, approximately 2 years ago when my son was suffering from recurrent Tonsillitis and had just spent the previous 6 months on continuous antibiotics to try to alleviate same.

I felt that there had to be better option and it was then that we first met with Rebecca. Rebecca took a full medical history of my son and of our family. She also asked about my son’s character and personality as Homeopathy takes a holistic approach to treatment.

Rebecca then prescribed remedies for my son and within a couple of months my son was able to come off the antibiotics. Over the next number of months he did not have the reoccurrence of Tonsillitis as he was prone to previously.

Rebecca is truly professional at all times and has always been warm, kind and understanding in our dealing with her, and my son would look forward to his trips to Rebecca’s!”

Theresa, Kerry


“I have been a client of Rebecca’s for the past 10 years for both myself and my family. I have found Rebecca to be a true professional with a great understanding and knowledge of alternative health and homeopathy. She has helped us overcome various ailments and allergies. She is always available by phone if I can’t get to her in person. I have recommended Rebecca to many people and will continue to do so.”

Patricia Lucey, Killarney 

Compassionate and Caring

“I have used Homeopathy for over 30 years now and have been able to access good Homeopaths during that time. I would put Rebecca on the top of the list and I have high standards. Rebecca has an ability to bring forth from you, the information needed to access your needs on an emotional, mental, and physical level and I find this extraordinary and extraordinarily accurate. She is compassionate and caring without being invasive and has 100% client confidentiality. I have been able to call upon Rebecca, out of hours for emergencies, even while abroad, and have found that to be a precious gift.
Rebecca’s homeopathic knowledge, experience and wisdom makes her, in my opinion, an excellent Homeopath and I thank her for being there for me.”

Amantha Murphy
The Academy of Ancient Irish Shamanism and Spirituality


“I have been to see Rebecca Atkinson over the past couple of years with stubborn problems, mostly related to old stresses, and menopause problems, with great success. She spends as much time as is needed to get to the root of the problem, I never feel that I am on a timer. I have been so happy with Rebecca’s treatment and remedies that I have recommended her to many friends, and to clients of my own.”

Carol Anne Midwinter BSc. Physio


“Although reluctant at first we have found homeopathy works very well for our ailments and issues. At this stage the whole family are visiting Rebecca who is treating a range of things for us, from our daughters’ seizures to our own ailments, like migraine. There are improvements on all fronts and following Rebecca’s guidance we use homeopathic remedies ourselves at home from time to time, arnica is a life saver for all the accidents our girls have!

Rebecca is a pleasure to deal with and her place of work is a relaxed and welcoming setting. We highly recommend Rebecca Atkinson for Homeopathy!”

Jonathan & Ameli Boyle

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