I work with all my Clients on a One to One basis – either in person or on line using Skype or something similar – I think it’s just brilliant that Geography is no longer a barrier to working with someone you resonate with and who you think can help you!

The first consultation is usually 1 hour 30 mins/2 hours – this is when I take a full health history from you. We start to identify possible factors or events that may have caused your health to change and I put together a tailor-made health plan and prescription unique to you. This is the start of an on-going, confidential relationship and it’s really important, not only for me to hear your story but for you to feel comfortable telling it. Often women tell me this is the first time in a long, long time that they feel truly listened to and heard.

Follow ups can vary in frequency but generally last 30-60 mins and would be approx every 3-4 weeks at the start. Sometimes you may need additional support in between appointments or I may ask you to check in with me by telephone or online to ensure that you are progressing. Often Children need additional support during a flare up of chronic health problems but these get less and less necessary as their health improves and your knowledge and confidence in Yourself and Homeopathy grows.

I love to see Mothers with their babies and I treat you both, together for the first few months, since you are really one unit at this precious time – If your baby is under 6 months old, I will treat them FREE during your own consultation. I can also see several children at once when they are young (below 10) if that’s easier for you – it’s actually helpful for me to observe how children behave with their siblings. I also treat many Teenagers – Adolescence can be a difficult time and Homeopathy can be extremely helpful with all the physical and emotional changes that go on at this key time in life.

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One to One – Homeopathic de-tox therapy.

Although a Homeopathic de-tox Therapy includes Homeopathic remedies within it’s approach to healing, it is a slightly different process from straightforward Homeopathy. I like to have the first one to one consultation with you, or you and your child – either in person or online in the same way that a normal Homeopathic consultation takes place, with a regular Homeopathic prescription first. With many children, particularly those with Autism, or other sensory issues, it can be extremely frightening and unsettling for them to be in a strange place with a strange person.

It is vitally important for your child to feel comfortable and in their familiar surroundings in order for me to get a true picture of who they are, and working online is a brilliant way to do this. I can observe your child in familiar surroundings and get a true picture of them and most importantly they are not feeling unnecessary stress. I ask you to call me every 3-4 weeks with a quick progress report and usually we do a full consultation with your child every 2-3 months.

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