QTT Personal Development Methods.

“The sweetest Nectar is within”

I am very pleased and excited to be able to offer QTT Personal Development Methods as part of my ‘Healing Toolkit’ so you can achieve the most profound & lasting changes in the shortest time possible.

QTT is a unique and accredited system of techniques created by Moira Geary from her years of experience with NLP, CBT and other behavioral and coaching modalities.

I use it either on it’s own or in conjunction with Homeopathy to help guide and support my Clients to access profound and lasting behavioral changes so that they can feel differently about themselves and the world around them and achieve whatever they want to achieve in life. The results are transformative, empowering and immediate.

Together using QTT we can identify any limiting beliefs, responses, emotions or behaviors that are creating conflict or stopping you from progressing or leading the life that you want to lead.

Click this link to a video interview with myself and my Mentor Moira Geary which may help you to understand QTT better.

I chose QTT over any other modality since it works with the same principles as Homeopathy – the minimum amount of external stimulation possible to achieve profound and lasting changes. Also many of the techniques of QTT can be used with ease on a daily basis.  I like to work with Health modalities that enable my Clients to feel in control & able to help themselves negotiate any challenges that Life gives them.

The lovely part of working with me is that my QTT skills and my decades of helping people as a Homeopath, mean that I can support you Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. It’s my view that it’s only when we have all 3 areas in as much of a balance as possible that we can achieve full health and live our greatest lives. 

To find out more about QTT Personal Development, Coaching or Mentoring with me, please visit to my sister website www.rebecca-atkinson.com or enter your details in the form at the bottom of this page.

Some of the issues that QTT Personal development methods can help with:-

  • Relationships – Do you feel you are going round & round in circles with the same issues but never seem to get anywhere?  Do you wonder if your partner even speaks the same language as you sometimes? Do you feel unappreciated & that no one is actually listening to you?
  • New Parents – A new baby can be a time of huge upheaval & struggle. It’s also the time when we remember our own childhoods & how we were parented.
  • Parents of Teens – Are you exhausted by the constant battling & struggling with finding a way of communicating with your child to  establish boundaries? Desperate to find the balance between being ‘the cool Mum or Dad’ and keeping them safe? Perhaps watching your child becoming an adult is reminding you of painful or difficult experiences in your own teenage years?
  • Menopause/’Empty Nest These 2 huge events often arrive together and can be a time of really big changes and transition. Hormonal changes are something that Homeopathy excels at helping support & balance. QTT can transform the way you feel about what you are experiencing now & in the past as well as giving clarity & confidence about how you would like to live your life going forward.
  • Job/career issueshow would it feel if you felt comfortable, confident, powerful and energised by aspects of your job like presentations or sales pitches instead of overwhelmed, stressed and not good enough?
  • Health issues do you find that despite your best intentions you just can’t seem to sustain a healthy eating pattern that works for you & are constantly beating yourself up for it?  Do you have a history of signing up to exercise classes or gym memberships only to find something gets in the way of you attending? 
  • Breaking destructive habitsIt’s almost impossible to stop habits like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, coffee or sugar unless we start to understand what’s driving us to do them in the first place. I can help you to do that and put strategies in place that will make this process far easier.
  • Coming to terms with Loss or Grief Often this is a time of overwhelming emotions & changes and if we don’t get the right support, can feel just as raw decades later. It’s never too late to stop living in a state of constant grief.
  • Self-confidence – Would you like to stop that inner voice that constantly criticises everything you do & say, worries about what others are going to think and keeps you awake nights?
  • Making decisionsDo you often find yourself unable to decide on things, fearful of making the wrong choices or how others will judge you? Or perhaps you need to make one very big decision? Let me help you find what is exactly right FOR YOU.
  • Fears/Phobias/anxietiesAre your fears or phobias stopping you from leading the life you want? Would you like to feel differently about Flying in a plane or being around dogs or dealing with spiders?
  • Need for PerfectionAre you feeling more and more aware of the need for the house to be neat and tidy or for the dishwasher to be loaded in a particular way? Why is it that seemingly no one in the house can do anything ‘properly’?

QTT can help transform all of these feelings and enable you to live your life with ease and confidence. If you feel ready to book a session with me please click here.

Some recent feedback:-

“I have recently been introduced to Rebecca through a friend who suggested I meet with her to talk about hormone balancing and overall energy levels. When I arrived I wasn’t sure what to expect 😂 and what I got was so far removed from anything I could have imagined yet the impact that first & subsequent meetings have had has been quite extraordinary.

While Rebecca, has given me fantastic remedies which are clearly helping with energy & hormones, the real work we have done has been tapping into the underlying theme of “grief” and that feeling of “not being good enough” that I have been carrying around for years.

Using some of her new QTT training & exercises Rebecca has brought me to a place where I feel I can leave some of that “baggage” behind and feel confident “in the now”. She has also given me some coping strategies & suggestions to avoid going back into negative behaviour.

Thank you to Rebecca for opening up a world of possibilities, for enabling me to feel more hopeful for what the future “me” might look like but also helping me to acknowledge that where I am right now is just fine too.”

SK July 20019

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