Service. (payments are taken via Paypal, you do not need an account to use this service.) Duration Price (Euro)
Adult initial consultation (in person/online). price includes prescription & 1x telephone update if required. approx
1 - 2 hours
Child (under 16) initial consultation (in person/online) Price includes prescription & 1x tel update if required. approx
1 hour 30 mins
Mum and Newborn (under 6 months) in person/online - initial consultation. Price includes prescription & 1x tel update if required. approx
1-2 hours
Mum & newborn (under 6 mnths) followup consultation. in person/online. Price inc prescription. approx 60-90 mins 90.00
Adult followup consultation - (in person/online). Price inc prescription. approx 30-60 mins 90.00
Child (under 16) followup consultation (in person/online). Price includes prescription. approx 30-60 mins 70.00
CEASE updates (Tel/online/email). Remedies not included. 20 mins 40.00
Acute consultations (Tel/online/email). Remedies not included 20 mins 40.00
Acute consultations via text (prices vary case to case - minimum of €15 per prescription.) nb only available in Ireland. 15.00 -
Practitioner Supervision - hourly rate minimum of 1 hour €35.00 per hour
Student Supervision as per College guidelines 1 hour for initial case & 40 mins for follow ups €20 - €30 per case
Monthly Payment plans available on request for ongoing treatment plans, please ask at your initial consultation
NB Supply of remedies for online consultations will incurr extra costs eg P&P
Hourly admin rate for assessing medical records. Bookeable in my shop. 60 mins 40.00
All prices valid from Feb 1st 2019


Product Price (Euros)
Helios 36 Remedy Home Prescribing Kit 55 (plus P&P)
Admin Fee per hour for Processing Medical Records/treatment plans etc 40 / hour
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