Thank you for your interest in my on-line, Home Prescribing course, 
‘Homeopathy In Your Hands’.

My course will teach you how to use natural remedies to treat your families minor illnesses with ease, confidence and great results! Take the fear and anxiety out of managing minor illnesses and reduce your trips to the GP.


I’m Rebecca, Practical Homeopath from

This course was born out of my own experience as a highly stressed working Mum who dreaded my young kids getting ill because it meant unscheduled time off work, increased anxiety levels and more guilt and worry around whether I was doing the right thing – that is until I discovered Homeopathy!

I’m combining my first hand knowledge – both as a Practitioner and as a busy Mum – so that you can have a simple, easy to use, practical knowledge of how to use Homeopathic Remedies to help in a variety of minor illnesses and avoid being over reliant on your GP or A&E.


Why should you do this course?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then this course is for you.

  • Would you like to feel confident and knowledgeable using natural, effective remedies to treat minor illnesses in you or your family?

  • Are you constantly busy & overwhelmed and find it hard to cope when your Children or yourself get ill?

  • Do you worry about why you or your children seem to get ill a lot and often with the same illnesses?

  • Do you worry about what the long term effects of over the counter medications are and would prefer a safer, more natural solution?

  • Do you want to help you and your children feel better when you are ill and reduce the likelihood of you becoming ill again?

  • Do you already use Homeopathy, perhaps have a remedy kit but get stuck knowing when & how often to prescribe a remedy, and how to judge whether it’s working?

  • Do you want to feel confident and in control when your children are ill?

  • Is it hard to find the time to attend ‘live’ classes or courses and you would rather learn in your own time – whenever it suits you?

When my own children were very young, I discovered Homeopathic remedies and learnt how to use them, and it really transformed my life, taking away a continual source of worry and anxiety. The first time my husband and I witnessed giving my toddler a remedy and her screaming earache pain stopping like a switch being flipped, it was amazing and so empowering!  I want this feeling and these results to be available for you too. There is simply no reason why you have to continue feeling powerless and fearful regarding illness and why you can not have the confidence and successes I have had using Homeopathic remedies.

How would it feel if it were a rare occurance for your family to be ill, but if they were, no problem because you have 24 hour access to a comprehensive ‘tool-kit’ of effective and safe medicines? Well you can, once you are able to use remedies yourself at home after completing my Home Prescribing course.


What will I gain from this course? 

On completion of the course you will have:-   

  • The knowledge & confidence to use remedies to help your family get over illnesses quicker AND begin to build their health to prevent future illness.

  • A much better understanding of why your child is ill and why they might be seeming to repeat the same illnesses over and over, as well as how to break that cycle.

  • The ability to start using remedies immediately.

  • Lost any fear of your child having a fever because you will know exactly what to do and when to do it.

  • An understanding of why there is a need for Homeopathy for minor illnesses

  • Access to a closed Facebook group and me- an experienced Homeopath -where I will answer your questions and share information on a regular basis and you will benefit from learning alongside others and enjoying a sense of community with other like minded people.

  • A handy prescribing chart to keep with your remedies and additional natural health tips.

  • The ability to save money and time – think of all the prescription charges and trips to the GP or A&E that will no longer be necessary!


My own children are now 19 and 22 , have been bought up using Homeopathy and are very seldom ill – my 22 year old daughter has not been to the GP since she was 4 and my son just once after a sports accident. They are both shining examples of health I’m proud to say! This is not just luck and I want to teach you how you can achieve the same for your own family.

Here’s what some of my clients say:-
  • “I did the Homeopathy Home Prescribing Course with Rebecca and my family never looked back! It was fantastic and really empowering, especially when my children were young & waking in the middle of the night with a high temperature or tummy upset. I felt confidant in using the kit and had fantastic results. They are now 18 years old and I still bring my kit everywhere! Rebecca is a Super Homeopath and we wouldn’t be as healthy as we are, as a family, without her.” 
    Pauline K, Killarney.
  • “I couldn’t imagine being without our Homeopathy kit! It gets used by the whole family, treating everything from bee stings to hayfever to colds and I have recently used it for different things pre and post Labour! It has saved many a trip to the Chemist or Doctors Surgery!”

    T.D, Kerry

  • “I feel that I have been truly supported by Rebecca. She has generously shared her vast knowledge and experience as a compassionate, reliable and insightful practitioner and  she has inspired confidence in my abilities, so that I have a much clearer sense of what I am doing under her support and guidance. I would recommend Rebecca to any student of Homeopathy.”

    S.McC, Kerry

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much from Rebecca…..with the knowledge or Homeopathy and how it can be used in everyday life to treat so many different conditions, I no longer make as many visits to the GP as I did. The course has given me so much confidence and I would recommend it to anyone.”

    J.T, Kerry

How does the course work and how much is it?

Once you sign up you will receive:-

  • an e-mail straight into your inbox every 5 days with a total of 12 videos.

  • Free easy to use downloadable remedy prescribing charts organised for you into Fevers, Earaches, Coughs & Colds, First-aid, Constipation& Diarrhoea, Teeth & dental issues, Womens Health & Sleep issues

  • Membership to my private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share information and take advantage of my Q&A sessions. This support from me and the rest of the group continues for as long as the group exists so you are not left feeling alone, even once the course has completed.

  • Special Bonus 1.  A Free guide to how to get started on your own natural First-aid kit

  • Special Bonus 2.  A Free booklist for more in depth learning.

  • Special Bonus 3.  Exclusive discount off your first order from Helios Pharmacy including the 36 remedy kits, single & combination remedies, and other natural products.

You will get all this for the special introductory price of €149.00 – that’s equivilant to approximately 2 visits to the GP *

The knowledge and confidence that you will gain is invaluable and you will find, like many of my Clients – including myself – that your GP will become a stranger to your children and you can all enjoy feeling as healthy as you can be, for a far greater percentage of the time.


*comparison based on Irish GP rates.



Some of you may worry about:-

Yes, in the majority of cases you can. It will be the remedies that have to work hard to get through any medication and not the other way around. Homeopathic remedies have the advantage over Herbal remedies in this regard since some herbal remedies are contraindicated with some drugs.


Yes, because remedies are so safe and gentle, even if you do not pick the most appropriate remedy the worst that can happen is nothing changes! The more you prescribe and witness successes the faster you will learn. Also you will have the facebook support group to ask questions on and share your results.

 Unfortunately you won’t be able to, since the group will only exist on the Facebook platform at the moment. It is a closed group which means no one outside the group can see your posts and it can be a wonderful way to get support from a like-minded community of people as well as regular access to me for general advice. So maybe its time to set up on Facebook and become part of that community? You can also book a paid 15 min telephone call with me to get specific advice whenever you need it.


You will learn during the course, exactly what to look for and how to closely observe your patient and understand their reactions so you can assess improvements. Most of the time improvements are obvious!

Absolutely not true! When treating acute illness, results can and must be quick and if you have chosen the right remedy, you will see immediate changes. You will learn what changes to look for and why they are appropriate indications of improvement.

You do not have to buy a remedy kit but much of the practical elements of the course will be working on the assumption that you do have the majority of the remedies included in a kit and it will be difficult to start practising without having the relevent remedies to hand.

The basic kits are available from Helios Pharmacy at a special, discounted rate once you sign up for the course – (depending on exchange rates, they cost approx €55 plus P&P)  – they include 36 remedies in 2g glass bottles that can be re-filled individually and an instruction booklet .  The kits do have a use by date which they are obliged to do, but remedies do not go out of date if stored correctly – the course will teach you how to do this.

I try to have a few available in stock from my online shop – (but I am unable to supply the Helios discount.)  I have had mine for about 20 years now and it’s how I first started using Homeopathy!

3 special Bonus’s for you.

  1. My Natural First-aid kit recommendations  –  get your First-aid kit started with my list of natural, inexpensive products. Part of changing our health is to minimise the amount of toxic products that we use.

  2. My list of recommended books to help more in-depth learning. Once you have committed to a more Natural approach to healthcare, you will want to read further. My recommendations will help you find the right place to start.

  3. All participants enjoy an exclusive discount off all Helios products including Remedy Kits and Remedy Combinations including ABC – a ‘must have’ addition to any natural First-aid box!  This remedy ‘ABC’ is an invaluable tool to help soothe and support fevers and inflammations – the Homeopathic Calpol but without any side effects!

My Clients find ‘ABC’ a wonderful addition to their remedy kits:-

“One of the remedies was ABC – a substitute for Calpol which I used, and I can now say that I felt it had a better effect on my son – he had a high fever but fought it with the help of these remedies.”

L.O’s, Kerry

“My husband couldn’t believe it when we first started using ABC instead of Calpol, the effects on my son’s earache was immediate!”

R.A, Kerry


“The best time to start changing your life is right now!”

 They say the definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing but expect different results!  If you want better results from your healthcare method, choose a different, safe, natural method of caring for your family’s health by clicking below.  With my help, a total of half a day’s viewing of videos, and €149.00 – approximately the cost of 2 trips to the GP – you can become confident and fearless prescribers and watch your family become healthier and healthier!