The Homeopathic Relationship

The Homeopathic process is a wonderful thing, and a large part of that is the intimate and nurturing relationship that participants cultivate with their Homeopathic Practitioners. I have heard this relationship described as an ‘ongoing conversation’, I know it to be much more than this.

Like all Homeopaths, I spend a lot of time with my Clients and I also spend alot of ‘backroom’ time with my notes from that time spent. I encourage a full and honest disclosure of, not only what’s going on right now, but what has taken place throughout their entire lives. I draw up a timeline that can reveal ‘hidden’ links and aeitiologies that have lain undiscovered – sometimes for decades. We all lead busy and full lives and we don’t always put 2 and 2 together or even remember key events unless we allow ourselves the time to pause and take stock. Giving ourselves, 1-2 hours every few weeks or months to do a scan of ourselves and our health status is vitally important, but often difficult to do productively without a guide. I lose track of how many times I have worked with Clients and we have discovered that the root of all their current problems was actually ‘that car crash’ or ‘when my Mum died’ or ‘when my friend betrayed me’.  The wonderful thing about the Homeopathic process is that these discoveries enable good and truelly holistic remedy choices which can resolve old, old issues and hurts allowing a ‘letting go’ of detrimental patterns of behaviour.  These processes, even with the support of gentle and effective remedies, can take some time, particularly when behaviour or attitudes may have been adopted in childhood as a survival strategy. It’s a bit like turning The Titanic away from it’s relentless path towards the iceburg! The more power we can give to the engines the quicker and more successful the turn will be. However during ‘the Turn’ the wind changes direction and Clients experience a shedding of unnecessary baggage and a resolving of all kinds of minor issues that are no longer relevent now the direction has changed. Needless to say Homeopathic remedies AND the Homeopathic Practitioner are there, guiding and supporting throughout. I have been witness to the most profound changes in my Clients and the most profound of emotions and I feel priviledged to have been able to do this. One of the reasons I chose my website name was because often this is akin to people finding their ‘wings’ and being able to experience freedoms they’ve never had before or haven’t for a long, long time.

What can often get overlooked is how much this relationship between Therapist and Client is very much a two way street. Every Client who walks through my door teaches me, especially the most challenging, but even the very few who only come once. Every case is unique because every person is unique and they all recieve a prescription unique to their needs. However part of my job is to hold a safe space for my Clients to discover themselves and to effect change. I have therefore, a responsability to ‘mind’ my own health status and ensure that I am constantly vigilent of my own beliefs and weaknesses leaking into a therapeutic relationship and staining it. In any intimate relationship there is an exchange of energies and the Therapist has a duty to have clarity over what belongs to whom. I believe I achieve this as much as anyone human can and I am very grateful for what this diligence teaches me about myself as much as others.

Possibly one of the greatest learnings that I have gained during my years as a Health Practitioner, is a far higher degree of tolerance of almost everyone – we all have a story that deserves to be heard and honoured. There are always reasons why people behave the way that they do.

Homeopathic Practitioners are extremely good listeners, this skill is partly learnt during training and then honed and finely tuned over the years in practise. We develop a radar for all the triggers that make people do the things they do or behave in the way they behave. Much of this obervation is in order to differentiate between remedies that may have only subtle nuances of behaviour to seperate them,  but Listening and Seeing, not only informs us but it makes for empathy and is therapeutic in it’s own right. The presence of a skilled Homeopath is part of any remedy prescription and can help stimulate a person towards healing in it’s own right. The feelings behind being ‘heard’ can be powerful and often mean that people start ‘hearing’ themselves better, maybe even loving themselves better! We can only start to do this when we start knowing ourselves, what our unique triggers are, what patterns of behaviour enhance us or hold us back, what foods help us and what foods hinder us, whether we are holding on to unexpressed emotions that take up valuable energy, and so on.  All of these aspects of us are revealed during the Homeopathic consultation, so the very least we will gain will be to know ourselves better and that is the only way to true healing!