“I first met Rebecca Atkinson, approximately 2 years ago when my son was suffering from recurrent Tonsillitis and had just spent the previous 6 months on continuous antibiotics to try to alleviate same.

I felt that there had to be better option and it was then that we first met with Rebecca. Rebecca took a full medical history of my son and of our family. She also asked about my son’s character and personality as Homeopathy takes a holistic approach to treatment.

Rebecca then prescribed remedies for my son and within a couple of months my son was able to come off the antibiotics. Over the next number of months he did not have the reoccurrence of Tonsillitis as he was prone to previously.

Rebecca is truly professional at all times and has always been warm, kind and understanding in our dealing with her, and my son would look forward to his trips to Rebecca’s!”

Theresa, Kerry