Water – The Giver of Life

Water is absolutely vital to our health, we can go several weeks without food but only a matter of days without water. Many, many people are suffering a variety of unnecessary symptoms due to simple dehydration.  The only liquid that the body recognises and can use for hydration is water – not juice, not soda’s, not tea or coffee – all these are processed as foods, (or toxins), they do not hydrate.  So if you do nothing else to help your health, ensure that you drink sufficient quantities of water – drinking small amounts regularly has been proven to be more effective than going long periods without and then glugging down a pint.

In the west we are taught that we are very lucky to have ready access to clean tap water however there are a number of additions to that tap water that may be affecting your health – Chlorine, recycled hormones and other pharmaceuticals, and in some countries including Ireland, Fluoride – one of the most toxic substances known to man!  I can help you to identify whether any of these substances may be a problem for you and offer ways to either eliminate them or strengthen your health so that they are no longer a problem.

Homeopathic Remedies never cease to amaze me in their endless ability to promote healing on so many levels. However if we continue to mis-treat ourselves either physically or emotionally, any progress may be short-lived, remedies need repeating often and without sufficient building block materials or nutrition, self-repair can only be limited. Water and hydration are the most vital and basic maintenance materials on several levels but we don’t always get what we need:-

1. Not enough water – many of us simply do not take in enough water and many do not drink any water, relying solely on what may be present in food or other liquids. This can place great strain on your kidneys but also every other part of your body as well. We are actually approx 60% water, it is vital to our health that we have sufficient quantities at all times .https://water.usgs.gov/edu/propertyyou.html

2. An inability to use water properly – some of us are constantly thirsty despite drinking large quantities of water. This can be for several reasons depending on whether there are other symptoms present, but if everything is working and we are taking in and using sufficient quantities then there should be a steady flow of water in and out of the body, and urine should be pale, odorless and regular, without a constant thirst. We should also be able to sweat if needed eg. in heat. Sweating is an important part of cooling us down and getting rid of toxins.

3. Taking in the wrong kind of water – unfortunately in some countries, including Ireland, tap water, not only has all kinds of trace elements of everything flushed away from households etc but it also has the neuro-toxin Fluoride put into the supply. This can be harmful to anyone but is particularly unhelpful to women going through times of hormonal change or Thyroid issues. http://www.thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatment/fluoride.html.  So having access to clean, non-toxic water has to be part of the self care of any woman with Menopausal issues or any other Hormonal issues.

Water is also much more powerful than we have previously realised and provides much much more than just hydration. Have a look at the wonderful work of Masaru Emoto http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html  in which he photographs the effects of different emotions on water crystal formation,  as well as the effect of different toxins. Bearing in mind that we are 60% water it explains why we are so are affected by everything around us….

Also take a look at this fascinating film  https://youtu.be/JO7_bFbXDK4 which explores how moving water takes on the energy patterns of all sorts of substances it passes through, enhancing and magnifying it’s effects. We are meant to drink moving, living water not the dead substances we call water either from taps or in bottles. However these days water consumption has become more about taking in the least harmful amount of toxins rather than being able to benefit from the live, moving stuff!
In my view how much you do to compensate for substandard or toxic products should be tailored to your individual health needs, but given that we women struggle with hormonal issues throughout our lives, anything that may contribute to that imbalance is worth addressing. Also if you can teach your children as young as possible that water is their, go-to drink – not juice, not soda’s, not milk, just plain water, then you will make a huge difference to their state of health now and in the future.