Why New Years Resolutions often fail.

A very Happy and Healthy 2018 to you all! I had a wonderful break with my family and particularly enjoyed a special week with my gorgeous sister who was visiting from London. Although the weather was cold and windy we loved exploring some of the stunning landscape that Kerry has to offer and we walked, breathed in the glorious fresh air and talked and talked and talked! It was a tonic and cost nothing and we made a committment to do it more often.
This put me in mind of all the New Year’s resolutions that traditionally get made during January and that I used to make too. I don’t do so anymore because I have made an on-going committment to lead my life in the way that works for me, which is therefore sustainable and helps to support real changes and healthy choices. It has taken me years to get here but I can honestly say that I am happier and healthier than I was in my 20’s and 30’s, as well as being a great deal wiser!
I get concerned about all the resolutions and promises that many people make to stop or ‘give up’ perceived ‘bad habits’, since they are never sustainable unless we understand and address the real issues behind why we adopted these habits in the first place. Without this it is all too easy to get stuck in a pattern of being unable to sustain a resolution and then feeling bad about ourselves because we didn’t stick to it – not a healthy way to start the year! How can we successfully sustain a healthy diet if we don’t know, for example, why we crave sugar or have any other food compulsions? How can we just decide to stop smoking or drinking alchohol until we look at what such habits and addictions actually mean to us and why we may have turned to them in the first place?

It’s a very hard and long process for us to understand and know AND accept and like ourselves without some kind of guidence or support. I have benefitted from several guides over the years and have found several health modalities hugely beneficial. Those of you familiar with my Story will know that it was a Homeopath who was the catalyst for me to change my understanding of my Health and my whole life. I have gone on to practise meditation and Chi Gong daily and I stopped eating meat some years ago. These choices worked for me, but each person has to find what modality and Practitioner works for them. Health modalities like EFT, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Dietary Healing have been invaluable to me over the years, but my primary Healthcare method will always be Homeopathy. For me the ability of an appropriate homeopathic presciption to enable the recipient to identify and release old physical, emotional or spiritual patterns of behaviour with the minimum of discomfort and disruption, is unparallelled. Indeed unless we have all three of these areas of our life in balance or harmony – we will be constantly ‘dis-eased’.
Although I work with many of my Clients initially to help relieve physical dis-ease – and it’s often the primary reason they come to me – in doing so, we cannot avoid also addressing often deep rooted emotional trauma’s – fears, griefs, unexpressed anger, old emotional wounds from damaged parenting. Once these are tackled and people are supported in being able to release them, to let them go, space can be freed up for healthier ways of being, including healing on what ever level is needed. Along the way, my Clients gain knowledge of and respect for themselves, they learn exactly what they need to be healthy and stay healthy and they go on to make better and better choices in all areas of their lives.
De-Cluttering is often something we try to do in January and what is ‘de-cluttering’ if it isn’t a releasing or letting go of old possessions or habits that no longer serve us? If you’ve ever watched any of those programmes that allegedly help people who hoard belongings, to ‘de-clutter’, you may wonder how they won’t end up in the same place if the reason they have hoarded remains unaddressed?  It may be useful to see all those overcrowded rooms as a metaphor for what some of us do emotionally? Seeing how ‘Hoarders’ live can be helpful for us to appreciate how difficult it is to remain fully functioning if we hang on to old things. How carefully we have to negociate quite simple everyday tasks in order to accomodate these old belongings and how limited a life these people live?

“You cannot create anything on the outside until you create it inside first. So if i’m disconnected on the inside, I’ll behttps://homeopathygiveswings.com/why-new-years-resolutions-often-fail/ disconnected outside. If I’m seperate inside, I’m seperate outside. If I’m in conflict inside, I’m in conflict outside. If I trash the environment inside, trash will be on the outside. “

Larry Merculieff, Anuit Elder, from ‘It’s all about Relationship’

Every one of us is unique and we all have histories of surviving traumas & betrayals – both small and large, but we all do this differently, individually.  Similarly I work with every person who comes to me according to their individual needs, every homeopathic presciption is unique and tailor-made for You. So no specific remedy tips can be made for this essential, deep work, there are thousands of remedies and any one remedy or group of remedies may be appropriate for your unique needs. However the more issues are addressed and supported at the time of experiencing the grief or hurt etc the simpler the work will be later down the line. So often remedies like Ignatia or Natrum-Mur to help a grief process or Aconite or Arnica to address a shock or fright can mean the difference between that grief or fear being processed healthily or becoming a way of being that gets in the way of you leading the life you want to lead. One of the reasons I love Homeopathy is that it can be used at both these levels – acutely (at the time of the wounding) or chronicly (once it has become deep rooted and long standing).
If this deep work sounds a bit overwhelming at the moment, then consider working with me to support a specific goal such as stopping smoking, reducing alchohol intake or achieving a healthy sleep pattern. Each and every step you take towards releasing valuable healing energy will improve your life and bring you closer to leading the life you want. Part of the Homeopathic process is that it goes at your pace, what ever is possible for you, it will help you to open and unfold and make better choices for yourself.Rather than a shortlived resolution, why not make an ongoing committment to yourself? Start by working with a health practitioner for more than just the month of January and you will not need to be making the same resolutions next year! Committ to doing whatever it takes to help you know yourself and let go of limiting patterns of behaviour. At the end of the day this is the only lasting ‘de-cluttering’ that will make a true difference to your lives. You can start today, right now by releasing the need to make a New Years resolution!