I’m Rebecca, working from my Clinic in Kerry, Ireland, I use Homeopathic Remedies, simple Health-care tips and my years of experience to help busy women like You to stop feeling overwhelmed, out of control, exhausted and unable to be You.

I want all Women to have the knowledge and confidence to use Homeopathic remedies for common, everyday health issues, and my passion is to help You and your children to be as healthy and happy as you can be, know how to stay that way and enjoy each other fully!

My priority will always be You, as an individual, so every unique, Tailor-made prescription is designed to help You be You – but on a really, really good day!

I’m a ‘Practical Homeopath’ which means that I have a variety of different ways of using Homeopathic Remedies – as opposed to just one method – so that you can achieve the best results in the fastest time. I do not believe in a ‘One size fits all’ approach to Healthcare! I appreciate that you need readily accessible, easy to use and effective relief to everyday illnesses, as well as for the more long-term problems. When you work with me, (in person or online), You do not have to struggle on in pain or discomfort, when there are brilliantly effective and safe Homeopathic remedies that can help with pretty much anything.

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Side effects of working with me include increased energy and an ability to manage any crisis, including your children’s health, with calmness and confidence, you may even feel like you have more time! You are at the heart of your family so if you are energised, happy and feeling 100% yourself, your family will be the same, and your time together will be filled with Joy!

What I love about Homeopathy is that it supports us on all three levels – the Emotional, the Physical and the Spiritual. If we are healthy on all three levels, we are in balance and able to deal with almost anything that Life gives us. It is only when Mind, Body and Spirit are balanced that we are able to access our own, unique, inner qualities and experience true power and freedom. We can then, spread our metaphorical wings and fly!


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